Academic Recovery Coaching

The need for engineers is growing. Sometimes, the pathway to get there can have unexpected turns or obstacles. Academic Recovery Coaching can help you overcome those obstacles and get you back on track to achieving your goals. Coaching can help with a large variety of issues: helping transition from high school to college, how to recover from a bad exam, study skills tips and suggestions, time management, feeling overwhelmed with school or balancing school and activities. Your coach will emphasize hard work and balance, identify areas to improve and work on connecting you to resources that can help you.

Academic Recovery Coaching is available to any student that wants help. Students that are placed on academic probation with the College or University are required to go through Academic Recovery Coaching. This will include meeting with a coach to discuss your academic performance, reviewing and implementing strategies to improve, current grade checks, and planning for future terms.

For more campus specific information, view below. If you have questions, please contact your Academic Advisor, or email
Image of a 3 circles interconnected. The first circe is red and says 'Build Connections'. The second circle is Blue and says 'Define Critical Steps' and the third circle is Orange and says 'Develop a plan'.