Complete Engineer Conference - Call for Workshops

Complete Engineer Conference - Call for Workshops

Help us inspire the leaders you want to hire.

The Complete Engineer Conference is a unique opportunity for an estimated 100-150 students to build the transferable skills needed to succeed in the profession. The College of Engineering is calling on our industry partners to help us deliver hands-on workshops that help our undergraduate attendees build these skills. Each 50-minute workshop is expected to provide the student attendees with the chance to learn about and practice new skills. The deadline for workshop proposals is December 14, 2018.

Please note that the Workshop process is separate from the Sponsorship process. If you are also interested in sponsoring the conference, please visit

Workshop Proposal Criteria:

  • Topic must be clearly related to one of the Complete Engineer competencies.
  • Clearly identifies hands-on activities or other interactive components during the workshop (group activity, active discussion, individual worksheets, hands-on project, etc.).
  • No more than 5% (2-3 mins) of the session should introduce your company (should be clear from Session Outline). The focus should be on the competency you select.

Important Notes:

Full A/V will be provided. If you have specific requirements, please note that in the form below.
Workshop size will be between 25-30+ students depending on the number of workshops and number of attendees.
You are welcome to submit multiple presentation proposals, but please choose different competencies for each. Similar competency sessions will be held at the same time.

We recommend writing your proposal in a Word document to save it offline before entering it below. 

Conference Dates
March 8-9, 2019
Milo Bail Student Center
University of Nebraska Omaha
Omaha, NE

Transportation provided from Lincoln.

Jen Skidmore
Director of Student Development

Please add any information on co- presenters.
Most presentations will take place on Saturday. Which time(s) are you available to present? *
We will do our best to honor your availability. Workshops are "breakout" style like most professional conferences, and your competency might dictate where your session needs to fall in the schedule. If you are set on presenting, please block your availability on both dates.
10-word limit. Make this clearly related to your session topic.
Complete Engineer Competency *
100-word limit. Make this attention-grabbing to draw students to your session, and be clear about what students will learn. This abstract will be printed in the conference program.
All workshops are required to have at least one interactive element. Please share how you plan to incorporate this here. This will NOT be displayed to students.
PLEASE NOTE: Your form has only been received if you receive an email confirmation shortly after hitting "Submit" below. Please verify that you receive a confirmation email.