Cassandra Willey

Cassandra Willey
Construction Programs
Company: Jacobs Engineering
Major: Construction Management
August 3, 2021

I started my internship at Jacobs Engineering May of 2019, midway throughout the summer of 2021 I changed to a role at Lockwood Development as a Project Engineer. Even though I have moved to a different company, the life lessons and knowledge I gained at Jacobs will be everlasting. I worked alongside industry professionals that have a background in architecture, mechanical engineering, accounting, and so much more who treated me like an important part of their team instead of “just an intern”.

I was able to transition from commercial construction helping oversee new schools being built to now running projects in residential construction building large estates. Outside of these projects, I was still able to apply myself and take real estate classes and manage my first remodel at home. I learned many valuable lessons with these jobs and will continue applying them throughout the rest of my time at the University and career in construction management.