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The Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction is dedicated to being a leader in advancing knowledge, innovating solutions, and driving collaboration and growth in the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) fields around infrastructure with increasing focus on high-performance; sustainability; occupant comfort and well-being; and safety. With uniquely strong mutually beneficial collaborations with industry, we prepare students to be leaders in their selected profession within AEC. We offer academic programs in architectural engineering, construction engineering, and construction management, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Graduates of our degrees currently work in the AEC field as design and construction engineers, construction managers, building commissioners, entrepreneurs, authors, professors, as well as in building operations, product sales, construction and/or patent law, and more. Learn more about our degree programs, faculty, and achievements below!

The Durham School is co-located in two cities, Lincoln and Omaha, which are approximately 50 miles apart. With approximately 30 faculty, 500 undergraduate students, and 100 graduate students, the Durham School is the only endowed academic unit ($30+ million) in the UNL College of Engineering and has strong ties with several world-class AEC firms (many of which are headquartered in Omaha), whose employees serve on our Industry Advisory Boards and are actively engaged with our programs. Currently the UNL College of Engineering is building a new $115 million teaching facility named Kiewit Hall that will serve as engineering’s academic hub and house the school’s construction programs in Lincoln beginning in fall 2023.

Examples of our strong collaborations with industry include the following:

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