Course Requirements
One Each of Six Requirements: Alternate 1 Alternate 2 Alternate 3
1) Communications CNST 112(0) or CNST 225(0)
2) Methods & Materials CNST 241(0) or CNST 242(0) or CNST 252(0)
3) Building Systems CNST 251(0) or CNST 305(0) or CNST 306(0)
4) Estimating CNST 378(0) or CNST 379(0)
5) Safety/Human Factors CNST 444(0) or CNST 480(0)
6) Budgeting/Scheduling CNST 476(0) or CNST 485(0)
18 total credit hours


All students professionally admitted into the College of Architecture and College of Engineering are eligible to participate in the Minor in Construction Management after having completed a minimum of 45 credit hours.  Course prerequisites for Architecture and Engineering students participating in the Minor will not be enforced although students will be encouraged to complete courses in the sequence above.  All other conditions currently listed in the AY20-21 catalog will apply.