David Clay

David Clay
AE - Mech/Structural/Acoustics
Company: Thompson, Dreessen, Dorner Inc.
Major: MAE - Structural
August 2, 2021

My name is David Clay, and I am currently a Master’s student at UNO, enrolled in the Architectural Engineering program with a structural emphasis. I work at a small company in the Old Mill area of Omaha called Thompson Dreessen and Dorner, also known as TD2 or TD2, as a structural engineering intern. TD2 is a civil engineering and surveying group that also has a structural engineering team. I started working at TD2 in march of 2021, and have learned so much since I started.

I have worked on a handful of projects this summer of varying sizes and involvement. I have displayed my knowledge of Codes, Manuals, and Handbooks in situations such as, ASCE load calculations, steel design, reinforced concrete design and timber design. I have also spent time at job sites communicating with industry professionals, taking measurements, and getting photographs for team purposes. Most notably over the last few months, I have improved my engineering judgement, awareness, and professional skills not taught or practiced in a university setting.