• The Durham School Career Fair

    Your Future Starts Here

  • The Durham School Career Fair

    Your Future Starts Here

  • The Durham School Career Fair

    Your Future Starts Here

  • The Durham School Career Fair

    Your Future Starts Here

Career Fair & Resources

Engineering Career Services

Durham School students have access to full career support:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job & Internship Planning
Engineering Career Services

The 2021 Durham School Career Fair will be held in-person at the Scott Conference Center and online via Handshake's virtual career fair platform. Students will have access to both options.
Details on student registration coming soon!



AE - Monday, August 2 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM & CNST - Tuesday, August 3 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM | Zoom webinars sent via email


October 5 & 6 | 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. | In-person fair

October 26 | 11:00 a.m.-4 p.m. | Handshake virtual platform


We will not be hosting in-person interviews this year. Employers are responsible for facilitating their own next-day interviews off-site or virtually.

Why Should You Attend The Durham School Career Fair?

The Durham School Career Fair Student FAQs

What is the purpose of the Career Fair?

There is no better way to introduce yourself than with a firm handshake. The Durham School Career Fair provides an invaluable opportunity for students and recent graduates to meet employers face-to-face, make contacts, explore career options, and inquire about available internships and full-time opportunities.

What kinds of opportunities are available?

Many companies begin their recruitment for summer positions as early as the fall prior to the May start date. Whether you are a first-year student interested in learning about what an engineer in your major does, a second-year or third-year student looking for an internship, or a final-year student searching for full-time work, the Career Fair is your first step for success.

Who should attend?

If you are a student in architectural engineering, civil engineering, construction engineering, or construction management from our Lincoln or Omaha campus locations, you should attend The Durham School Career Fair. Even as a first year student, it is important to experience a fair, practice networking, and you may find a great future opportunitiy. Durham School students are in high demand, and this Fair affords students great opportunity.

How do I attend The Durham School Career Fair?

You do not need to register for the in-person Durham School Career Fair. However, if you want your resume available to employers attending the fair, you will need to create an account in Handshake and upload your current resume.  For the virutal Durham School Career Fair, you will need to register via Handshake to reserve employer time slots. For questions about preparing for the fair, schedule an appointment with Sarah in Career Services via MavTRACK.

Which day of the Career Fair should I go to?

Engineering Career Services encourages you to attend both fair days to maximize the number of employers you are able to connect with. However, if you are only able to attend one day of the fair, be sure to research which companies are attending which days and plan to go attend the day where there are the most employers you would like to connect with.

What should I wear?

Career fair dress should be either business casual or business formal. If you have a suit, plan to wear that to the fair. If you do not have a suit, dress slacks, a skirt, button-down shirt with a tie, or a knit blouse are appropriate. You want to feel professional and confident. Jeans, gym shoes, torn clothing, and revealing clothing are not appropriate for a career fair, even if you are just visiting for class participation credit.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring many copies of your updated, polished resume as well as a portfolio or folder to carry it in. Also remember a pen or pencil, notepad, and breath mints.

How do I prepare for the Career Fair?

In addition to attending a resume review or career coaching appointment, participate in any pre-Fair workshops and events, view the list of participating employers, and begin researching those that interest you in advance. Visit company websites. Check current job openings to get an idea of what skills and education are required to work for that company.

I've never been to the Career Fair before. How do I interact with employers?

Consider preparing a brief 30-second introduction about who you are and why you are interested in the company. Practice this introduction before you come to the fair. Please visit Career Services before the Fair to polish your introduction or "elevator speech," review your resume, and schedule a mock interview so you are prepared.

What if the company I am interested in is not attending the Career Fair?

Just because a company is not attending the Fair this year does not mean they are not recruiting UNL Engineering students. Be sure to check company websites for open positions and make a point to research areas of the company you are interested in working for. Companies want passionate employees. However, do not let this be an excuse to miss the fair. Use the Fair to polish up and practice marketing yourself and you just never know, that perfect opportunity could be waiting.