Iason Konstantzos

Contact Information:

Scott Campus (Omaha)
PKI 104B
(402) 554-2284

Professional Memberships:


Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2016
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 2011
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 2009

Human - Centered Integrated Building Operation Lab

Seeking highly motivated Ph.D. students to form a team working in the exciting and promising area of smart buildings. If you have a strong Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics background and you like to explore uncharted territories towards new concepts and technologies, you're highly encouraged to send a CV and a short letter describing yourself and your objectives.

Curriculum Vitae (CV):

Areas of Research and Professional Interest

  • Human Comfort in the Built Environment
  • Building Envelope Design and Operation
  • Building Energy Analysis and Simulation
  • Lighting and Daylighting
  • Smart Buildings, Sensors and Controls

Research Profiles:


Selected Projects:

  • Smart and Connected Childcare - National Science Foundation (Smart & Connected Communities)
  • An Intelligent Building Framework to Promote Adaptive Building Operation (Nebraska Collaobrative Inititative)
  • Enhanced Imaging Frameworks against Future Outbreaks of COVID-19 (UNL COVID19 RRGP)
  • Virtual/Augmented Discipline Exploration Rotations for Improved Engineering Student Engagement, Self-Efficacy, Diversity Awareness, and Retention (IUSE - National Science Foundation)
  • Efficient Airport Foreign Object Detection with Small Unmanned Aerial System, Adaptive Lighting, and Machine Learning (Nebraska Collaborative Initiative)
  • Operational and Design Characteristics of Circadian Lighting Systems (UCARE)

Selected Publications

In international refereed journals:

[1]  Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A. (2017). Daylight glare evaluation with the sun in the field of view through window shades. Building and Environment 113, 65-67

[2]  Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A., & Chan, Y. C. (2015). Experimental and simulation analysis of daylight glare probability in offices with dynamic window shades. Building and Environment 87, 244-254.

[3]  Wienold J., Iwata T., Sarey Khanie M., Erell E., Kaftan E., Rodriguez RG, Yamin Garreton JA, Tzempelikos T., Konstantzos I., Christoffersen J., Kuhn TE. (2018). Cross-validation and robustness of daylight glare metrics. Lighting Research & Technology: 1477153519826003.

[4]  Konstantzos, I., Chan, Y. C., Seibold, J., Tzempelikos, A., Proctor, R. W., & Protzman, B. (2015). View Clarity Index: a new metric to evaluate clarity of view through window shades. Building and Environment90, 206-214.

[5]  Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A. (2018). An integrated method and web tool to assess visual environment in spaces with window shades. Science and Technology for the Built Environment0, 1-13.

[6]  Chan, Y. C., Tzempelikos, A., & Konstantzos, I. (2015). A systematic method for selecting roller shade properties for glare protection. Energy and Buildings92, 81-94.

[7]  Xiong, J., Tzempelikos, A., Bilionis, I., Awalgaonkar, N., Lee, S., Konstantzos, I.Sadeghi, SA, Karava, P. (2018). Inferring personalized visual satisfaction profiles in daylit offices from comparative preferences using a Bayesian approach. Building and Environment 138, 74-88.

[8]  Sadeghi, SA, Karava, P., Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A. (2016). Occupant interactions with shading and lighting systems using different control interfaces: a pilot study. Building and Environment 97, 177-195.

In international conference proceedings:

[1]  Kim, M., Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A. “A New Control Framework For The Visual Environment Based On Low-Cost HDR Luminance Acquisition”, Proceedings of 5thHigh Performance Buildings conference at Purdue, July 2018

[2]   Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A. “An Online Interactive Tool to Assess Visual Environment in Offices with Roller Shades”, CISBAT International Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2017 

[3]   Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A., "Selecting shading properties based on glare mitigation, energy performance and connection to the outdoors", Proceedings of BSA2017: Building Simulation Applications Conference, Bolzano, Italy, February 2017.

[4]  Konstantzos, I.,Tzempelikos A., “A holistic approach for improving visual environment in private offices”. Proceedings of SBE 16, Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2016

[5]  Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A. “Design recommendations for perimeter office spaces based on visual performance criteria”, CISBAT International Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2015. 

[6]  Konstantzos I., Tzempelikos, A. “Daylight Glare Probability Assessment with Shading Controls”, ASHRAE Winter Conference, Chicago, January 2015.

[7]   Chan, Y-C., Konstantzos, I., A. Tzempelikos, “Annual Daylight Glare Evaluation for Typical Perimeter Offices: Simulation Models versus Full-Scale Experiments Including Shading Controls”, ASHRAE Annual Conference, Seattle, June 2014.

[8]  Konstantzos, I., “Integration of Humans into Building Design and Operation”. Presentation, International Living Future conference, Seattle, May 2016.

[9]  Konstantzos, I., Tzempelikos, A. “Daylight glare probability measurements and correlation with indoor illuminances in a full-scale office with dynamic shading controls”, Proceedings of 3rd High Performance Buildings conference at Purdue, July 2014.