Graduate Teaching Assistant

Hafiz Oyediran
Contact Information:
Scott Campus (Omaha)

Ph.D. - CEMT

Expected Graduation Date:

Kyungki Kim

About Me:

Hafiz is a Ph.D. student in Construction Engineering and Management with a focus 0n the use of robotics and related technologies in the built environment for improved safety and productivity. He is currently working on viable ways of using robots to improve operation and maintenance activities in facilities such as large buildings, power plants, and infrastructure and has some conference papers on the subject matter. His research interest includes Robotics, Building Information Modelling(BIM), Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed reality use for improved safety and productivity

Prior to starting his Ph.D., Hafiz has eight years of working experience in numerous roles such as intern structural engineer, site supervisor, and project manager. He has an MSc in Construction Management and a BSc in Building from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He also has a Higher Diploma and National Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology from the Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos. 

Hafiz is also a director with an NGO he cofounded for the advocacy of BIM adoption in Africa called the "BIM Africa Initiative". The organization has grown to be one of the most pronounced in terms of BIM advocacy and adoption in Africa.

Conferences papers

Oyediran, H., Peavy, M., and Kim, K. (2021). "Autonomous Building Occupancy Monitoring Using Robots" 2021 ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering (i3CE2021), Orlando, Florida, USA. 

Oyediran, H., Ghimire, P., Peavy, M., Kim, K., and Barutha, P. (2021). "Robotics Applicability for Routine Operator Tasks in Nuclear Power Plants Facilities " 38th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, Dubai, UAE.