Joshua Hotovy

Joshua Hotovy
Construction Programs
Company: BDB Waterproofing/Foundations
Major: Construction Management
August 3, 2021

I Started this internship after my freshman year and have been working as an intern over the summer for the last three years with them. They have now Offred for me to work during the school year for them as a full-time employee. We work on a lot of different jobs so within one week we can be working on 10 different jobs easily so it can be a lot to manage them all and keep track of them all. I work with the owners and other project managers to log and keep track of these projects.

I have found that one of the skills that is the hardest is the ability to log information and then to be able to run reports and study the past projects to find where we are losing money and where we can improve in the future. I have loved my time here and would love to stay on board and work here in the years to come.