Makenna Widholm

Makenna Widholm
AE - Mech/Structural/Acoustics
Company: Schemmer
Major: MAE - Structural
August 2, 2021

My name is Makenna Widholm and I am MAE emphasizing in structural discipline. This summer, I had the opportunity and the pleasure of working for the SchemmerAssociates as their structural intern in the Omaha, NE office. I have been tasked with many structural design challenges over the course of many different projects. I have developed my Revit skills, as well as learned a multitude of new design software that aids in the accuracy and reliability of designs.

I get to see around five different projects per week, ranging from a simple header for a window that was added during construction to the structural system of warehouses. I have learned how to design retaining walls and foundation systems, which will prepare me for my upcoming foundations course, as well as how to design a structural system in just about every material available. Overall, I have learned a lot during the past summer and I hope to continue to develop the skills throughout this year and my career.