Graduate research assistant
PhD student

Contact Information:
Scott Campus (Omaha)

Ph.D. - CEMT


Marc Maguire

About Me:

- Research interest: 

Accelerated bridge construction

Reliability of structures

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers

- Publications:

Al-Rousan, Rajai Z., and Mohammad F. AL-Tahat. "Consequence of surface preparation techniques on the bond behavior between concrete and CFRP composites." Construction and Building Materials 212 (2019): 362-374.

Al-Rousan, Rajai Z. "Consequence of Anchoring Holes Technique on the Bond Behavior Between CFRP Composites and Heat-Damaged Concrete." Structures 27 (2020): 1903–1918.

Al-Rousan, Rajai. "An Anchoring Groove Technique to Enhance the Bond Behavior Between Heat-Damaged Concrete and CFRP Composites." Buildings 10.12 (2020)