The MEM degree program requires 30 credit hours. Online courses are three semester credit hours and held in accelerated 8-week sessions.

The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management requires 12 credit hours. Individuals who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate may use the credit hours earned toward completion of the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree, once they apply and are admitted to the MEM program.

Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Degree

Chart displaying 4 MEM Core Courses (EMGT 805, 806, 809 and 905) + 6 Elective Courses = Degree Completion

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management

Chart displaying 2 MEM Core Courses (EMGT: 805 and 806 - 6 credits) + 2 MEM Electives (6 credits) = EM Graduate Certificate (12 credits)
Graduate Certificate credit may be applied later toward earning the MEM degree.

The MEM program is structured so well in that the classes are 8 weeks. It might seem fast, but the professors know how to streamline that content that you get.
Elizabeth Boschult Fall, 2021 MEM graduate