Meet Our MEM Graduates

Our current students and graduates can attest to the value of an MEM degree from Nebraska. See how their experiences are shaping their professional and personal lives, now and for the future.

Our Stories

"This is an excellent program for working individuals. The entire program allows you to get a solid education for a reasonable price while balancing work, family, and other personal commitments. Each class in the MEM program can be immediately applied to your current profession, all while preparing you for any future endeavors.

I was first attracted to this program because of the transparency of their website, this is similar to what you will experience throughout the duration of the entire program. The staff and faculty will treat you with the utmost respect and care. The program is small enough that you will not be forgotten about, yet large enough to bring in resources and faculty experience at a reputable school. I am very glad that I picked the MEM program."
Meghan Ollis, Aircraft Maintenance Officer (Honolulu)
MEM Class of 2022