Your Success Matters

Manager, Mechanical Engineering
Zachry Engineering Corporation
Omaha, Nebraska

Mechanical Engineering (UNL, 2006) | Master of Engineering Management (2018)

A “top-notch program”

Some of the topics that have helped me to better myself as a manager include decision and risk analysis, project management, organizational behavior, and engineering leadership. These courses were led by outstanding instructors who genuinely care about the success of their students. My superiors have noted a noticeable change in my management approach and have nothing but praise to offer.

Practical knowledge

I manage a group of chemical and process engineers in the design of industrial plants. Nearly all of what I learned in the MEM program is relevant to my current and future career as a manager and leader.

What’s next?

The program has prepared me to continue to increasingly larger and more visible roles within my company. Ultimately, I hope to use the skills and knowledge gained to become executive-level leadership.