Bob Wilhelm

Contact Information:

Lincoln: City/Innovation Campus
NH W317.4C
(402) 472-3105

Kate Foster Professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., 1992 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S., 1984 Purdue University
  • B.S., 1981 Wichita State University

Selected Publications

Nathan Meier, Timothy Nelson, Amanda Ramer-Tait, and Bob Wilhelm, “Intentional Research Team Building”, Merrill Series on The Research Mission of Public Universities, MASC Report No. 125, The University of Kansas, pages 50-56, 2022, 
Moneer Helu, Timothy Sprock, Daniel Hartenstine, Rishabh Venketesh, William Sobel  / Robert G. Wilhelm,  Scalable Data Pipeline Architecture to Support the Industrial Internet of Things”, Annals of CIRP, 69(1):385-388, 2020, mentored paper. 

Moneer Helu, Alex Joseph, Thomas Hedberg   / Robert G. Wilhelm, “A Standards-Based Approach for Linking As-Planned to As-Fabricated Product Data”, Annals of CIRP, 67(1):487-490, 2018, mentored paper. 

Scott Smith, R.G. Wilhelm, Brian Dutterer; Harish Cherukuri, Gaurav Goel, “Sacrificial structure preforms for thin part machining”, Annals of CIRP, 61(1):379-382, 2012. 

R. G. Wilhelm, and B. L. Burks, “Reinventing an Innovation Ecology with New Models for Research and Research Parks”, Proceedings of the IASP World Conference on Science and Technology Parks, Raleigh, NC USA, 2009. 

S.C-Y. Lu, W. Elmaraghy, G. Schuh and R. Wilhelm, “A Scientific Foundation of Collaborative Engineering”, Keynote Paper, Annals of CIRP, 56(2):605-634, 2007. 

Scott Smith and R.G. Wilhelm, “Beyond Geometry: Process Planning for High Speed Machining of Monolithic Structures”, Transactions of the North American Manufacturing Research Institute of SME, 34:175-180, 2006. 

T. M. Kethara Pasupathy, X. Zhao, and R.G. Wilhelm, “Flexible Tools for Specifying Design Variation”, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 28(7-8): 659-664, 2006. 

R.G. Wilhelm, B. Chu, and R. Sun, “Electronic Commerce Negotiation in a Supply Chain Via Constraint Evaluation”, Annals of CIRP, 54(1):423-426, 2005. 

T. M. Kethara Pasupathy, R.T. S. Raju, and R.G. Wilhelm, “Evolutionary Algorithm for the Placement of Fluid Power Valves on a Valve Stand”, Engineering with Computers, 20(4):354-362, 2005.  

B. Chakravarthy, H. Cherukuri, and R.G. Wilhelm, “Prediction of Thermal Soakout Time using Analytical Models”, Journal of Precision Engineering, 26(1):15-23, 2002. 

R.G. Wilhelm, R. Hocken, and H. Schwenke, “Task Specific Uncertainty in Coordinate Measurement”, Keynote Paper, Annals of CIRP, 50(2)553-563, 2001. 

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R. Edgeworth and R.G. Wilhelm, “Adaptive Sampling for Coordinate Metrology”, Precision Engineering, 23(3)144-154, 1999.