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How do I find my advisor?

Prior to professional admission, students are advised by staff in the Engineering Student Services (ESS) office located in the engineering library. After professional admission, students are advised by members of the Mechanical & Materials Engineering faculty. If you are unsure of your advisor's name, look in your MYRED account (your advisor is also listed on your degree audit) or contact the staff in the Mechanical & Materials Engineering office, W342 NH. Take charge of your UNL career and meet with your advisor every semester. When you know your advisor’s name, you can find contact information on our Faculty-Staff site.

What are ACE electives?

ACE stands for Achievement Centered Education, which is the general education standard for all students entering the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  In the Mechanical Engineering program, you must take one course each from ACE areas 5, 6, 7, and 9 to satisfy the ACE requirements; ACE areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 are satisfied by other required courses for the program.

What are minimum acceptable grades?
Mechanical engineering majors must achieve a C or better in Math 106, 107, and 208 to continue in the math sequence, as required by the course prerequisites set by the Math Department. A grade of C or better is also required in PHYS 211 in order to take MECH 223, and in MECH 223 in order to take MECH 325 and 373. In any other course, any passing (non-F) grade will apply to your degree if your GPA is acceptable. Both semester and cumulative GPA must be at least 2.500 for continued enrollment in the College of Engineering. If the cumulative GPA drops below 2.400, a student will be on "restricted" status, may be removed from the college, and cannot graduate from the college. To avoid being placed on probation and ultimately dismissed from the university, the GPA - both semester and cumulative - should stay above 2.00.
What courses can I take P/N:
Students in the College of Engineering must take ENGR 10, ENGR 20, ENGR 30, and ENGR 400 with the grading option Pass/No Pass. Students may also take ACE Electives 5, 6, 7, and 9 on a Pass/No Pass basis. Engineering students may not take any other required courses or technical elective courses with the grading option of Pass/No Pass.
Which computer programming course should I take?
You must take CSCE 155N to satisfy the computer programming requirement in Mechanical Engineering. This course covers problem solving with computers, and examples are drawn from numerical applications taught in the Matlab language. If you take a course with any other designation (such as 155A, 155E, or 155T), it will be taught with another programming language and will not satisfy the computer programming requirement of the Mechanical Engineering program.
What happens if I drop below full load?

As long as your hours remain at or above 12 hours, you are at full load. Going below might influence scholarships and loans so check with the UNL Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (17 Canfield Administration Building). Housing is generally safe down to half load, but you may wish to verify with University Housing (1115 N. 16th St.  / 472-3561). International students may have difficulties with visas and should not drop below full load without discussing with their academic advisor.

I have been academically dismissed. Help!

You have two semesters (including summer, possibly) to be away from UNL. During that time, consider working or take courses at a community college: these can help demonstrate your preparedness upon applying to return. If you wish to appeal, forms are available at the Dean's Office, 114 Othmer Hall, and your advisor can help with this.

How can I find my TA?

A list of TA offices and phone numbers is available in the MME Office, W342 NH.

How can I change my major?
  1. Talk to your advisor.
  2. Visit Engineering Student Services, located in the Engineering Library in W204 Nebraska Hall.
What is the professional admission process for Mechanical Engineering?

Very briefly, there is a review of student records after about three semesters of study to identify students likely to succeed in our program. Those who are not admitted the first time are advised of the outcome and are automatically reviewed again at the end of that semester. If after two reviews a student is not admitted to the program, the student is advised of other majors - in engineering or elsewhere - in which they may be likely to find success. At the present time the requirement for professional admission to the Mechanical Engineering program is a major GPA of 2.7 (not counting elective courses). In addition, a student must have no more than four withdrawals and no more than three repeated courses. The major GPA is given on your Degree Audit available through MyRed. Transfer students are not reviewed until completing 12 credits at UNL.

I have a problem with a TA or faculty member. What do I do?

In nearly all cases other than abuse, students should recognize that they paid for and are entitled to the educational services promised by the university and the department. You have the right and responsibility to contact the individual in question regarding the problem without fear of retribution. If this meeting does not resolve the problem, the Department Chair should be contacted. You could also contact your advisor or a trusted faculty member for help.

Can I skip a prerequisite to course MECH***?

Prerequisites have been carefully established over the years and generally should be followed. There are very limited exceptions. Students whose histories may not fully reflect their preparation for a course may inquire with the professor for permission to enter a course. Instructors have the right to require withdrawal of students who do not meet the prerequisites.

What must be done to prepare for graduation?
  • SENIOR KICK OFF – Prior to earning 89+ credit hours (becoming a senior) you are required to meet with your academic advisor to review your plan for graduation.
  • Early in the semester of graduation, submit an “application for degree” form. The form requires a $25 non-refundable fee. Watch carefully for the deadline.
  • Make certain all fines, fees and other expenses are paid.
What is the Degree Audit, and how can I get one?

The Degree Audit is a computer-generated document outlining your undergraduate academic progress. This record uses your UNL coursework, transfer coursework, and courses in progress in order to determine your progress toward degree completion. For more information, go to the Registration and Records website; you have access to DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) through your MYRED account.

How can I fix an error in my Degree Audit?

If you have an error in your degree audit, assemble your proof of the error (transcripts, course grades, letter from instructor, etc.) and discuss it with your advisor. If your advisor agrees there is an error, your advisor should send an email to the college's associate dean for undergraduate programs outlining the problem and asking that the error be corrected.

Can internships be taken for credit?

Generally, internships are NOT for credit. While they provide invaluable on-the-job experience, they usually do not include material of an academic nature, nor can it be easily monitored. In rare cases you may find a professor who will agree to coordinate with the job supervisor and verify that college credit is appropriate. In these instances a contract must be prepared and agreed to by all parties, with all requirements decided beforehand. A written report must be submitted to the supervising faculty member describing the contract, the work planned, and the work carried out. To count as college credit, this activity would have to be formalized under course number MECH 498. You will need your advisor's permission for such a special course to apply to your senior elective.

When are the deadlines and finals this semester?

A complete university academic calendar can be found through the Office of Registration and Records.

Can Mechanical Engineering students get minors?

Yes, though minors generally involve additional hours of coursework before graduating. The Undergraduate Catalog has a list of approved minors for engineering students with their requirements. Applicants should fill out a form available in the Engineering Student Services office in Nebraska Hall.

I'm interested in graduate school at UNL.

Great choice! Make sure you have at least a 3.00 GPA. You will need letters of recommendation, so talk to your adviser or a trusted instructor for advice. Check with the Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department for admission information and description of options, or go to UNL Graduate Studies.

How do I find Honor's project ideas?

Talk to the professors and explore their web pages to discover research interests and active work. Then, talk to the professors whose interests match yours.

When is ENGR 400 Ethics offered?

ENGR 400 is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. In the fall, there is one online section. In the spring, there are two lectures and one online section. Students are not to enroll until their final semester, or spring semester prior to summer graduation. To enroll for the online sections either semester, contact the Dean’s Office, 114 Othmer Hall, for a permission code.

What are Design and Technical Electives?

Design and Technical electives must be chosen from a list of approved 400-level Mechanical Engineering courses. A complete list is available from the Mechanical & Materials Engineering office or from your advisor.

What is the Senior Elective?

The Senior Elective may be an additional design or technical elective, or with prior advisor approval, may be chosen from a list of approved science, engineering or math courses. Consult your advisor.

How do I get credit for the math classes I skipped because of the UNL Math Placement Exam?

If you take MATH 107 as your first math class at UNL and earn a C or better, you will be given five credits for MATH 106 at no cost. The credit will be added to your transcript after you file the appropriate paperwork with the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, 203 Avery Hall. Should you take MATH 208 as your first math class at UNL and earn a C or better, you will receive 10 credits for MATH 106 and 107 at no cost. The credit will be added to your transcript after you file the appropriate paperwork with the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, 203 Avery Hall.

What are the requirements for graduation with distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction?

GPA requirements for engineering students to graduate with levels of distinction are:

Distinction: 3.750 – 3.849
High Distinction: 3.850 – 3.949
Highest Distinction: 3.950 – 4.000

For engineering students to graduate with Distinction, High Distinction or Highest Distinction, they must meet the GPA levels listed above, and be approved by a majority vote of the faculty in the department offering their respective academic program.

Where can I find out what courses taken elsewhere will transfer to UNL?

For nearby colleges, UNL maintains a website listing course equivalencies. For more information about transfer credit evaluation for current and prospective students, visit

Are scholarships awarded by the department?

Yes, there are many scholarships available to current and transferring freshmen through seniors in the MME program. More information available at:

What college grade point average (GPA) is needed for transfer into UNL?

For admittance to the UNL College of Engineering for a Nebraska resident, the required GPA is 2.5/4.0. Nonresidents must have a GPA of 3.0/4.0 unless the student is transferring from an accredited engineering program, in which case a GPA of 2.5/4.0 is acceptable.

How can I get involved with research as an undergraduate?

Research activity in Mechanical & Materials Engineering is directed and funded by individual faculty members. First, you should learn about ongoing research projects from faculty websites and from talking to other students doing research. Then talk to the faculty member whose work interests you to ask if you can get involved. If you plan ahead, you may be able to get support from UCARE.

What is UCARE?

UCARE (Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences) is a university program that provides salary support for undergraduate students doing research. The annual deadline for submittal of requests for UCARE funding is in February. You must identify a faculty member, prepare a plan, and together with a faculty member, request funds from UCARE for a specific research project. You have to plan far in advance, but Mechanical and Materials Engineering has a good record of success with this program. See the UCARE website for more information:

My question isn’t answered here. Where do I go next?

Talk to your advisor or visit Engineering Student Services, located in the Engineering Library in W204 Nebraska Hall.