Qin Zhou

Contact Information:

University of California - Berkeley

Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees

  • Postdoc, Physics, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab / UC Berkeley, 2015
  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  • M.S. Instrument Science&Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2006

New MADMAN Members

Hanying Chen, Yifan Huang, and Yuanjun Fan joined MADMAN

Brief Research Description

We focus on everyday life applications such as making better earbuds with nanomaterials, as well as fundamental sciences such as the lattice vibration and electronic band structure of nanomaterials. We use the technique of micro/nano fabrication to integrate novel low-dimensional materials into micro/nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) and play with them.
Research Brief

Courses Taught

  • ME325 - Mechanics of Materials - Fall 2015

Selected Publications

Zhou, Qin; Zettl, A; Electrostatic graphene loudspeaker Applied Physics Letters 2013

Zhou, Qin; Coh, Sinisa; Cohen, Marvin L; Louie, Steven G; Zettl, A; Imprint of transition metal d orbitals on a graphene Dirac cone Physical Review B 2013

Liu, Kaihui; Hong, Xiaoping; Zhou, Qin; Jin, Chenhao; Li, Jinghua; Zhou, Weiwei; Liu, Jie; Wang, Enge; Zettl, Alex; Wang, Feng; High-throughput optical imaging and spectroscopy of individual carbon nanotubes in devices Nature nanotechnology 2013

Chang, Jiyoung*; Zhou, Qin*; Zettl, Alex; Facile electron-beam lithography technique for irregular and fragile substrates Applied Physics Letters 2014

Zhou, Qin; Sussman, Allen; Chang, Jiyoung; Dong, Jeffrey; Zettl, Alex; Mickelson, William; Fast response integrated MEMS microheaters for ultra low power gas detection Sensors and Actuators A 2015

Zhou, Qin; Zheng, Jinglin; Onishi, Seita; Crommie, M.F.; Zettl, A.; Graphene Electrostatic Wideband Microphone and Ultrasonic Radio Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2015

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