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Contact Information:
NH East 135
City Campus (Lincoln)

Ph.D. - MME

About Me:

Educational Background:

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (UNL 2018)

B.E. in Mechanical Engineering (OU, India 2015)

Research Topic (s):

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

Teaching Experience:

Graduate Teaching Assistant (Engineering thermodynamics, Machine Design, and Manufacturing methods and Processes)


  • Manufacturing: Directed energy deposition (LENS® by Optomec), Powder bed fusion (Lumex by Matsuura), fused filament fabrication, stereolithography, laser shock peening, shot peening, machining
  • Characterization: Scanning electron microscopy, electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD), microhardness, optical microscopy, mechanical polishing, electrochemical polishing
  • Material testing: Residual stress measurement (hole drilling & XRD), tensile testing, shear testing, digital image correlation
  • Modeling: Abaqus, Solidworks, LumexCAD, LumexCAM, MasterCAM, AutoCAD, Matlab, Fortran

Personal/Professional Profiles (LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, etc.):