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Tutoring Services
Tutors are provided to help students for some MECH courses. The Tutor Room is located in Room W150A/B, inside the M2E Learning Centeron the first (ground) floor of Nebraska Hall, Room W150.

Computer Lab
The department offers a Computer Lab with necessary software, printers, scanners, etc., for undergraduate students.

Hello, I am a Mechanical Engineer pinMechanical engineering is concerned with all forms of energy conversion and transmission; the flow of fluids and heat; the development, design, and operation of machinery and equipment, material structure and properties; and transportation processes. The course of study is designed to give the student fundamental preparation to enter the fields of research, design, operation, production, sales, or management.

The Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department is structured into three major academic areas:
  • Materials science engineering
  • Thermal-fluid science engineering
  • Systems and design engineering
From these three major areas, a student can develop an emphasis area of study by utilizing the various technical elective courses in the major academic areas or an emphasis area could be directed toward studies in aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, robotics, biomedical engineering, computational methods, and others depending upon the technical courses available and the interest of the student.

Major: Mechanical Engineering (undergraduate bulletin information)