Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Program Requirements for the Degree

The program strives to provide a nationally and internationally recognized program and degree in the area of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics.

Specialty Areas:

There are six areas of specialty in the program, including:

  1. Thermal Sciences
  2. Fluid Mechanics
  3. Solid Mechanics
  4. Systems, Design and Controls
  5. Dynamics and Vibrations
  6. Computational Methods

Policy for Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (ME&AM):

A student interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in ME&AM needs to complete the following requirements in addition to those required by the Graduate School.

    1. Qualifying exams: A student is expected to successfully complete the written qualifying exams within 18 months of entering the Ph.D. program. All students will need to complete a qualifying exam in
        1. Engineering Analysis

      And, at least two exams from the following subject areas:

      1. Heat transfer and thermodynamics
      2. Fluid mechanics
      3. Solid mechanics
      4. Systems, design, and controls
      5. Dynamics and vibration
      6. Computational methods
      7. Materials

      The subject matter of the qualifying exams is selected by the faculty in the specific area and is to be at the upper undergraduate and beginning graduate levels.

      In the event that a student does not pass a written qualifying exam, either the Graduate Committee or the student may request an oral examination on the subject. An examining committee of no less than three faculty of the program will sit on an oral examination.

    2. Special course requirements: All doctoral students will complete at least three graduate courses in the area of designated specialization and at least one graduate course from each of four other areas that may be selected from the following list of categories (excluding area of specialization):
      1. Engineering analysis (Math 821 will not count)
      2. Heat transfer and thermodynamics
      3. Fluid mechanics
      4. Solid mechanics
      5. Systems, design, and controls
      6. Dynamics and vibrations
      7. Computational methods
      8. Experiments and instrumentation
      9. Materials

These courses may include courses that are transferred into the program from the master or other degree.

All students will register each semester for ME&AM seminar course. Students may request a waiver of this rule for a given semester.

    1. Dissertation: The student’s dissertation should show technical mastery of their area of specialization and must advance or modify former knowledge in this area.
    2. Final oral defense: An oral defense of the dissertation will be given by the Supervisory Committee after the candidate’s studies have been completed and the dissertation has been given preliminary acceptance by the designated readers. The final oral exam will be open to the public and announced to the faculty and students and posted publically at least one week in advance of the defense.