The Mechanical & Materials Engineering is grateful for the financial support of alumni, corporations, foundations and friends to help enhance our programs, facilities and technology to benefit our students. The following priorities have been determined by the department for funding. Several established funds are also available for donor participation.

Priority Funding Needs

Create your own fund

Establishing your own fund is the ultimate way to make a difference in the department. Your gift enables the college to stay on top of the constantly changing field of mechanical engineering and provide the best possible education for future engineers and community leaders. Your support enables the college to enhance students' experiences through relevant and challenging educational programs, leading edge research and the transfer of knowledge, which helps prepare competent and intelligent graduates who are ready for the fast-paced challenges of a career in mechanical engineering.

Student Support

Undergraduate Scholarships

Lots of gifted young people dream of going to college, but not everyone has the financial resources to make that dream a reality. That's where scholarships come in. A gift supporting undergraduate scholarships supports aspiring engineers within the Mechanical Engineering Department by increasing financial aid opportunities for deserving students. With the help of scholarships, students are not only realizing the dream of higher education, they are discovering their boundless potential.

Graduate Fellowships

Whether collaborating with faculty on research, or teaching and mentoring undergraduates, graduate students are crucial to the strength and integrity of the department. The advances these students make in the field of mechanical engineering while at the university greatly enhance its reputation as a leader in education and scientific research. Private support for graduate fellowships ensures that university will continue to attract the top graduate students and faculty who want to work with these bright, hard-working students.

Faculty, Program and Student Development

Faculty Support

The quality of a program is measured by the quality of the faculty, who equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in an ever-changing world. Endowed and expendable funds would enable the department to maintain its high level of excellence in the classroom, by providing an excellent tool for attracting and retaining top faculty scholars.

Technology Development/Equipment Maintenance

The Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department maintains a high standard in technology and equipment used for the development of mechanical engineering students. Endowed and expendable funds allow for a planned renewal of equipment and enhancement of current software to properly prepare students for industry standards.

Study Abroad

Engineering is increasingly becoming a global career. At the College of Engineering, we know that the skills students learn studying abroad enhance their education and are attractive to potential employers. Study abroad opportunities are available to all Engineering fields. Endowed and expendable funds would be used to advance the student study aboard experience by providing scholarships for students wishing to participate in one of these life changing trips.

Make A Difference Now With An Investment In These Established Funds