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Material Science

  • Y. Dzenis, R. Vernon McBroom Professor: Advanced functional nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
  • R. Feng, Professor: Experimental and computational mechanics of materials: Inelastic deformation, damage and failure mechanisms, high strain rate and shock wave phenomena, rheology of polymers and polymer compounds, surface mechanics and tribology, polycrystal modeling and simulations, and hybrid atomistic-continuum modeling and simulations of defects/heterogeneities
  • L. Fernandez-Ballester: Processing and flow-induced crystallization of polymers; biopolymers; self-assembly and micro/nanostructures in polymers and supramolecules. Syncrhotron X-ray scattering, optical birefringence, polarized microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry
  • J. Huang, Assistant Professor: Polymer solar cells, organic field-effect transistors, organic photodetectors, organic spintronics, polymer light emitting diodes, nano-based sensors and capacitors
  • Jung Yul Lim, Assistant Professor: Utilization of biomaterial surface engineering/patterning tools (nanotexturing, surface energy tuning, chemical or topographic micro/nanopatterning) in combination with biophysical stimuli (shear stress, mechanical strain, high pressure loading) to regulate functions of stem cells, musculoskeletal cells, neuronal cells, etc.
  • M. Nastasi, Elmer Koch Professor and Director of Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research (NCESR): Ion-solid interactions, irradiation induced phase transformations, ion irradiation and plasma modification of materials, ion beam analysis of materials, synthesis and properties of high strength nanolayered composites, and surface mechanical properties
  • M. Negahban, Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Research: Theoretical modeling, computational simulation, and experimental characterize of large deformation thermo-mechanical response of polymers and biological materials, inverse problems, dynamic loading, inelastic and plastic response
  • B. W. Robertson, Professor: Nanoscale and nanostructured materials; electron beam–induced fabrication of materials with nm-scale resolution; development and application of characterization methods and instrumentation for quantitative nm-scale electron microscopy and spectroscopy; plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of boron-carbide materials; novel materials for electronic, magnetic, and neutron detection, extreme radiation, and extreme temperature applications
  • J. E. Shield, Professor and Chair: Microstructural evolution in materials during processing, rapid solidification processing, structure/property relationships in magnetic materials, order/disorder transformations in materials, nucleation and growth, materials characterization by X-ray and electron diffraction and electron microscopy
  • L. Tan, Harold and Esther Edgerton Associate Professor: Material design, self-assembly, and nanomanufacturing. Mechanics of nanomaterials and nanostructures
  • J. A. Turner, Professor: Experimental ultrasonics, nanoindentation, atomic-force microscopy, elastic wave propagation and scattering, linear and nonlinear vibrations, structural acoustics
  • J. Yang, Professor: Nonlinear mechanics of piezoelectric materials. Frequency stability of piezoelectric crystal resonators.
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