What is DBER in engineering?

Doctoral study in engineering education research at Nebraska focuses on training students to bridge the divide between engineering and education by continuing to develop their engineering expertise while preparing them to be exceptional researchers in engineering education. Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • employ rigorous research skills to critique and make significant contributions to engineering education theory, practice and policy within an engineering discipline
  • design, implement, and assess research-based pedagogies, curricula, and assessment strategies within and across engineering disciplines and other STEM disciplines.
  • lead, communicate, enact the creative spirit, and work in diverse teams to change education within and across engineering disciplines and other STEM disciplines.
  • become an active member in the vibrant local (DBER Group), national (e.g., American Society for Engineering Education), and international (e.g., European Society for Engineering Education, Australasian Association for Engineering Education) community of engineering education researchers with a rich history (Engineering Education Pioneers)
  • promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in engineering and embed considerations and practices for DEI in all aspects of one’s work

A Ph.D. in Engineering with a specialization in Engineering Education Research from Nebraska opens career paths in academia (at both teaching and research institutions as faculty and program directors), corporate training, non-profit organizations with education missions, teaching and learning centers, and educational materials and technology development.