The PhD in Engineering with a Specialization in Engineering Education Research at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln is a comprehensive Ph.D. program that prepares its students to be exceptional leaders in discipline-based education research.

For more information contact the program chair, Heidi Diefes-Dux (

Program-Specific Application Requirements

  • GRE (optional)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • Research Interest Statement
  • Submit a statement of 750-1000 words that includes descriptions of each of the following:
    • Your interests in pursuing a PhD focused on engineering education research
    • How such a degree will enable you to pursue your career goals
    • Why this PhD program at UNL is a good fit for you
    • Past evidence of your personal skills, attributes, and/or traits that will enable you to complete this UNL Ph.D. degree
  • Anchored Research Statement
  • The American Society of Engineering Education ( is one of the professional societies dedicated to engineering education. Select a research article that interests you from an American Society for Engineering Education’s Annual Conference and Exposition ( published within the last 5 years. Use this article to complete the tasks below to prepare and submit a statement of 750-1000 words:
    • Provide a complete formatted citation for the article
    • Briefly summarize the article in your own words, highlighting the research purpose
    • Describe what you find interesting about the article
    • Develop two questions for the author(s) that you have after reading this article and describe why you are interested in the response to these questions
    • Describe how this article aligns with your own research interests

Admission Deadlines

For full financial consideration, students must apply by January 15 for Fall and September 15 for Spring.