Moore Dynamics and Analytics Laboratory (MoDAL)


The Moore Dynamics and Analytics Laboratory (MoDAL) synergistically combines theory, mathematical and computational modeling, and experimentation to understand and exploit strongly nonlinear dynamical phenomena.  Our vision is to place nonlinear dynamics in the toolbox of every vibration engineer. Our approach is to leverage data, machine learning, and autonomy to remove barriers for utilizing and understanding nonlinearity.

Active Research Directions

  1. Physics-based, data-driven modeling and discovery of governing equations directly from measurements.
  2. AI-based automated testing of mechanical structures.
  3. Reduced-order modeling of nonlinear structures (e.g., reduced-order modeling of bolt loosening).
  4. Nonlinear energy flows in mechanical structures.
  5. Novel vibration mitigation strategies employing nonlinearities.
  6. Applications of nonlinear dynamics and vibrations to novel fields (e.g., wave-induced vibrations of ships).