The Moore Dynamics and Analytics Laboratory (MoDAL) operates at the forefront of research in nonlinear dynamics and vibrations by fusing together advanced theoretical and experimental techniques with a broad range of data-driven methods from the field of analytics. Current research thrusts focus on system identification of big data systems, measurement quantification of inaccessible systems, non-reciprocal energy guiding using common connections, global effects of local nonlinear attachments and the mechanics of loosening joints.

MoDAL is located on the third floor of Scott Engineering Center in room 355, located on N 16th St. in Lincoln, across from Theodore Jorgensen Hall. The lab currently occupies approximately 720 square feet of high quality space.

Laboratory equipment in use for current research thrusts include:

  • VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation System (Correlated Solutions)
    • Two Photron AX100 540K-M-32GB (1024 x 1024 @ 4,000 fps) high-speed digital cameras
    • Lenses: two Nikon 24mm wide angle manual focus, two Nikon 50mm and two Tokina 100mm 1:1 macro lenses
    • One 6000 Lumen High-Speed LED lighting System with Flood Controller
    • Workstation with rackmount Quad-core PC, 64GB RAM, Win 10 64 bit, 1TB SSD, 8TB HD, dual 24" LCD monitors
    • One 8-Channel USB analog data acquisition system for high-speed measurements with maximum sampling rate of 1 MS/s (National Instruments NI 6361)
    • Accompanying accessories (cases, speckle paint, etc.)
  • Thirty-six channel data acquisition and digital signal processing hardware (24 input and. 12 programmable channels), 80kHZ bandwidth, 24 bit ADC (Data Physics Abacus 906)
  • Full SignalCalc DP900 software suite for Data Physics DAQ and modal shaker
  • One modal test shaker, 18 lbf (80 N) maximum force, 1 in (25.4 mm) maximum displacement, 60 in/s (1.5 m/s) max velocity, with accompanying amplifier (Data Physics SignalForce GW-M20/PA100EC)
  • Thirty-five uniaxial and ten triaxial accelerometers (PCB 353B15 and 356A03)
  • Eight channel, ICP sensor signal conditioner (PCB 483C05)
  • Four modally tuned impact hammers of various load ratings (PCB 086E80, 086C03, 086D05 and 086D20)
  • One 6’ x 4’ optical table with 1” grid of 0.25”-20 threaded holes (Newport)
  • One 8' x 4' optical table with 1" grid of 0.25"-20 threaded holes (Melles Griot)