ASEE 2023 Midwest Paper & Panel Submission

Information for Presenting Authors

[Added 9-8-23] Presenters at the conference should follow the below guidelines:

  • Presenters must bring their presentation on a USB flash drive.
  • The USB will be plugged into the wall below the touch panel on the wall or on the side of the audiovisual cabinet (depending on the room).
  • If presenters want to use their own laptops, they must bring an HDMI adapter.
  • We recommend that each presenter bring their computers and an HDMI adapter, just in case the computer in the room malfunctions.
  • If they have a clicker to advance through the slides, please bring and share it with other presenters in their session
  • We have assigned Session Moderators (below) who will contact the authors in their sessions with instructions on timeline and protocol. In case the moderators have not contacted you, we’d like you to be prepared by knowing the following: The sessions will need to start and end on time. Total time for each presentation must be 15 minutes. Note that the 15 minutes for each presentation includes the changeover from one presenter to the other. You may ask your moderator how they plan to signal you as the end of your speaking time nears.

PowerPoint Template for Presentations

PPTX template for presentations

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

Author's Kit: Paper Formatting Guidelines and Template

Read More Print Version (.pdf) Print Version (.docx)

How To Submit a Paper

The 2023 ASEE Midwest Conference will use Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (MS CMT) for paper management. To submit papers, please do the following:

  1. Go to MS CMT website and click button for Login.
    • If you are not an account holder, click Register to create an account, and then log into the system.
      Note: To finalize registration, it may take 2 – 3 minutes for the confirmation email to arrive in your Inbox.
    • If you are an account holder, log into the system with your credentials.
  2. Find this conference: “ASEE 2023 Midwest Section Conference” (ASEEMidwest2023). You may use the Filter available on that page by typing “ASEE”. Here is a “How-To” guide if need be: How to
  3. Step 4: Submit your paper and include all required submission information. Again, here is a “How-To” guide if you need it: How to
    • The system accepts only PDF files.
    • Again, here is a “How-To” guide if you need it: How to