Two tours will be offered during the conference on Monday, Sept. 11, beginning at 3:30 p.m.

Nebraska State Capitol

Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol, at 15 stories and 400 feet tall, is the second-tallest statehouse in the country and offers a spectacular view of the city from its 14th floor observation level. A tour of the Nebraska State Capitol offers a fascinating glimpse into the history, architecture, and governance of the state. The Nebraska State Capitol is located in Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska. Here's what you might experience on a tour of the Nebraska State Capitol:

  • Architecture and Design: The Nebraska State Capitol is renowned for its unique and innovative architectural design. The building was completed in 1932 and was designed by architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue. It features a blend of Art Deco and Neo-Renaissance architectural styles, and its distinctive features include a 400-foot tower topped by a statue of "The Sower."
  • The Sower Statue: The statue on top of the Capitol's tower is called "The Sower." It represents agriculture and the sowing of seeds, reflecting Nebraska's strong agricultural heritage.
  • Chamber Tours: Visitors can tour the chambers where Nebraska's legislative process takes place. This includes the Nebraska Legislature's Unicameral chamber, which is unique in that it's the only state legislative chamber in the United States that has only one house.
  • Governor's Reception Room: This room is exquisitely decorated and often used for official receptions and ceremonies. It showcases historical artifacts and artworks related to Nebraska's history.
  • Hall of Fame: The Nebraska Hall of Fame showcases notable Nebraskans who have made significant contributions to the state and the nation. Portraits and displays pay homage to individuals like Warren Buffett, Willa Cather, and J. Sterling Morton.
  • Historical Artwork: Throughout the Capitol, you'll find murals, sculptures, and paintings that depict important events and themes from Nebraska's history.
  • Memorial Chamber: This solemn space honors Nebraskans who have served and sacrificed in various wars and conflicts. 
  • Observation Deck: Visitors can take an elevator ride to the observation deck atop the Capitol tower, providing panoramic views of Lincoln and the surrounding area.


Engineering Research Center

In partnership with the State Legislature and the University of Nebraska, the Engineering Research Center was developed as part of the $190 million multi-building project for the College of Engineering to deliver world-class teaching and research facilities. 

The ERC, a 87,000 square foot building that opened in Spring 2022, houses 50-plus new laboratories and collaborative work/study spaces for graduate students; the facility features three primary levels, with an emphasis on materials, biomedical topics, and light-matter interactions.