January 17, 2020: Due to inclement weather, the Scott Campus in Omaha has been closed. There will be no N-E Ride Shuttle today.

For more shuttle information, check the N-E Ride website or the app.

The Infrastructure For Your Future Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Nebraska Students setting up sensors

The Civil and Environmental Engineering program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) was originally established as the Department of Civil Engineering in 1877. Today, we lead the College of Engineering in extramural research funding and boast the highest percentage of endowed professors in the College of Engineering. Our degree programs are offered in both Lincoln and Omaha.

A top-10 emerging career for college graduates, civil engineers design and build the infrastructure that keeps our society running.

New Department Offices - City Campus

We've moved! The Department on City Campus has relocated to W181 Nebraska Hall as contruction begins in the engineering complex. 

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