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It is rare for a practicing engineer to serve without the benefit of a team. Teams may be composed of people from all walks of life who serve many roles. Working and performing on a team is critical to providing solutions that will meet the high standards of engineering service.

As a student in the College of Engineering, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many teams to develop your teamwork competency. These opportunities might be project-focused for a classroom assignment, organization-focused in your student organizations, or simply a study group in your residence hall. Take advantage of all opportunities to refine your communication skills and work collaboratively in a team-based environment. You will be required to do so whatever you choose to do with your engineering degree.

Engineering Curriculum that will contribute to the Teamwork competency:

While you will always be challenged with team-based assignments in the engineering curriculum, specifically.

Co-curricular programs/activities that contribute to the Teamwork competency:

Services that contribute to the Teamwork competency: