M.S. in Construction Engineering and Management

M.S. in Construction Engineering and Management
The Master of Science in Construction Engineering and Management (M.S. CEMT) was designed as a conduit for professionals working in the construction industry to obtain an advanced degree. Many students pursuing the master of science will continue working on a full or part-time basis for their organization. Students pursuing an M.S. at UNL can follow a thesis option (Option A), or a coursework-based option (Options B) by working together with their advisor to take a self-determined blend of coursework and research in construction management, engineering, business, architecture, law, and related disciplines, emphasizing advanced studies in construction applicable to a broad range of construction activities and applied research.

The M.S. CEMT is offered on engineering campuses in two different cities, though courses are taught by UNL professors and the degree is conferred by the graduate college of UNL, regardless of campus of study. In Lincoln, courses are offered on the City Campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and in Omaha, courses are offered at the Peter Kiewit Institute on the Scott Campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). Students can attend courses at either campus or both. Omaha is about 60 miles northeast of Lincoln, and there is a free shuttle service, the N-E Ride, that transports Nebraska Engineering faculty, staff and students at no cost between the engineering campuses.

  • Graduate assistantships are generally unavailable to Durham School master's degree students, but there are opportunities for fellowships or other financial support. Though rare, some master's students are offered research assistantships by individual professors who reach out to them.
  • The M.S. CEMT does not qualify an individual for P.E. licensure in the state of Nebraska.