Master of Science in Construction Engineering and Management

The Master of Science in Construction Engineering and Management degree was designed as a way for professionals working in the construction industry to increase their knowledge and skill-set and to obtain an advanced degree. Many students pursuing the master of science will continue working on a full or part-time basis for their organization. Students pursuing the M.S. Degree in Construction Engineering and Management can follow a thesis option (Option I), or one of two coursework-based options (Options II and III).

This degree is offered on two campuses. In Lincoln, courses are offered on the City Campus and in Omaha on the Scott Campus. Students can attend courses at either campus, or both. Omaha is about 50 miles northeast of Lincoln. The N-E Ride is a shuttle service for the Nebraska Engineering that transports faculty, staff, and students at no cost between the engineering campuses. Graduate assistantships are generally unavailable to Durham School master's degree students. There may be opportunities for fellowships or other financial support, but it is unusual to be offered an assistantship.

Note: This degree does not qualify an individual for a P.E. license in the state of Nebraska.