Durham School Early Entry Program

Early Entry For High School Seniors

Get an early start to your college career. Enroll in college credit courses now!

We invite you to register for classes offered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering on Scott Campus in Omaha. The following are one-credit hour courses being offered in the fall by the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction:
  • AREN 1010: Introduction to Architectural Engineering
  • CONE 1030: Introduction to Construction Engineering
  • CNST 1310: Introduction to Construction Industry

With the recommendation of your high school counselor, you can apply to take any of these undergraduate courses through the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Early Entry Program.

The Early Entry Program is structured for high-achieving high school students and provides an opportunity to enroll early in college credit courses. The College of Engineering partners with UNO to enroll students in our programs at The Peter Kiewit Institute.