ECEC - Faculty Resource - Equations

Creating Equations


Being able to create, edit, and save equations for notes and assessments. There are multiple ways that comprehensive equations can be created effectively and easily.


Creating equations in programs is important for clarity, accessibility, and reusability. Being able to create comprehensive documents to send students also enables them to be able to answer the problem sets in multiple ways.


Canvas has a default equation generator that can be used by either using the default symbols and operands. You can access this by clicking on the “Equation” button on the bottom row of options in the Rich Content Editor (which appears on Pages, Assignments, Quizzes, etc…). The user can also write equations in LaTex. This can be done by pressing the “Advanced Options” area above the box.

Microsoft applications also allow for the creation of equations. On the ribbon (top list of options) in Microsoft Word there is an insert area. Pressing this will change the options below. On the far right is the equation area. Pressing this button will show the options that are available. This also allows you to be able to save your equations for future documents.

Microsoft OneNote is similar to Word with the added benefit of having a comprehensive handwriting, recognition, and customization. OneNote allows the user to hand write their equations and then convert that into type if they so choose. The user can also use a similar bank of symbols, operands, and structures that is found in many of the other Microsoft Office programs.