Student and Teacher talking

Instructional Design consultation provides a friendly environment for you to meet with one of the instructional designers to discuss the challenges encountered in your course, concerns while implementing a new pedagogy or technology, ideas to design or redesign a course, options for developing learning activities or instructional resources.

During the consultation, we will:

  • Help identify the problem or challenge you might have;
  • Discuss solutions to address your concerns;
  • Draft a plan to start your course design process;
  • Provide resources to design learning activities or materials.

After the consultation, you will expect:

  • To implement a solution;
  • A proposal for a long-term project plan to design a comprehensive course;
  • A follow-up email or meeting to discuss the implementation, your further needs or concerns.

At the ECEC, our team is dedicated to providing support for faculty on teaching and learning topics. If you are interested in working with an instructional designer on your course, please reach out to us here