Engineering and Computing Education Core (ECEC)

Teaching Excellence

Our Mission

The ECEC serves as a core facility in the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, providing resources and support for engineering faculty towards the College’s mission of providing excellent post-secondary education through ABET-Accredited programs.

The ECEC develops, implements, and promotes professional development programs for engineering faculty to assist them with incorporating successful evidence-based instructional strategies in engineering education.

The ECEC encourages and supports faculty to apply best practices in instructional design.

The ECEC supports the professional development of graduate students in the College of Engineering.

The ECEC’s work furthermore contributes to the scholarship of teaching and learning for post-secondary engineering and computing education, by supporting faculty with assessment of instructional strategies and practices and with dissemination of outcomes towards the continuous improvement of teaching and learning in the UNL College of Engineering.

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