Cody Stolle

Contact Information:

City Campus (Lincoln)
(402) 472-4233

Research Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2012)
  • M.S.M.E., University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2010)
  • B.S.M.E., University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2008)


  • Ph.D.

Vehicle Dynamics Research

Evaluating the crashworthiness, control, path prediction, and stability of vehicles in an effort to design intelligent vehicle-to-roadside infrastructure (V2I) communication systems

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16 years experience at MwRSF, contributing to projects including:

  • NCHRP Project 17-22 (NCHRP Report No. 665)
  • Development of simple, robust, wire rope model for use in finite element analysis codes
  • Design of passive safety elements (barriers, road design, speed tables, chicanes) for military Entry Control Facilities

Research Opportunities (Graduate/Undergraduate)


  • 100% Research

Curriculum Vitae (CV):

Areas of Research and Professional Interest

  • Vehicle dynamics research:focused on evaluating performance handling and cornering, suspension reactions, path prediction, transient control asynchronicities, impact, crashworthiness, occupant safety, and stability
  • Crashworthiness evaluation of roadside hardware using In-Service Performance Evaluations (ISPEs), crash statistics and reconstruction, engagement with law enforcement and crash scene investigators, federal standards for crash reporting and investigation, and evaluation and determination of federally recommended criteria for conducting crash testing
  • Sports safety, impact attenutaion, structure, and component design
  • Military passive safety transportation design, anti-ram barrier design, system anaylsis, crash testing, threat mitigation
  • Finite element analysis, material characterization, fracture analysis, impact plasticity
  • Wire rope behavior and modeling, cable barriers, impacts involving low-mass tension elements

Research Profiles:


Design of an energy-absorbing hockey dasherboard design

Courses Taught

  • Vehicle Dynamics (MECH455/855)
  • Engineering Dynamics (MECH373)
  • MECH950 Impact Engineering

Honors and Awards

  • Transportation Research Board Best Paper Award: Guidelines for Implementation of Cable Median Barriers
  • International Roadside Safety Conference Best Paper Award: Initial Developments Supporting a Roadside Tree Removal Safety Campaign
  • Holling Family Distinguished Teaching/Advising/Mentoring Award