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Student Self-Reflection

What is student self-reflection? 

Self-reflection is part of the learning process. It gives opportunities for students to analyze and evaluate their own learning.  It helps students not only be aware of their own effective learning strategies, but also understand the content and concept that require more attention and effort. Research shows that student self-reflection promote develop deeper conceptual learning. 

How to teach students to reflect? 

Starting by reflecting on your course learning objectives, you may support student self-reflection by offering open-ended questions. Be genuine and explicit about what you are asking for. 


Objectives Questions
Help students be aware of learning strategies What strategies helped you understand the concept? 
What activities helped you learn?
Help students understand their learning What did you learn this week? 
What problems have you encountered that hindered you from completing this week's assignment? 


Dr. Diefes-Dux shared more information and resources on student self-reflection in her presentation.