Hydroinformatics and Integrated Hydroclimate Research Group


The Hydroinformatics and Integrated Hydroclimate Research Group (HIH) studies how naturally driven and anthropogenically modified processes affect the hydrological cycle and the biogeochemical cycle of elements, particularly those processes and their scales in relation to the sustainability of human activities and ecosystems in a changing environment. We integrate modeling, field and remote sensing observations, and laboratory analyzes to engineer solutions aimed to predict the temporal variability and spatial distribution of water availability in response to Extreme Hydrometeorological and Climate Events (EHCEs).


Design information technologies and modeling improvements to inform decision making and policies in a changing environment.


Improved parameterizations, models and data integration, and communication will lead to better diagnostics and prognostics of extreme hydrometeorological and climate events and their impact on coupled natural-human systems

Research, Teaching, and Outreach within a Diverse, Inclusive, and Equal Environment

Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Water Resources Adaptive Management

Integrated water quality and quantity

Coupled Natural-Human Systems

Predictability of Hydrometeorological and Climate Extremes

Phenotypes Predictability

Data Science, Digital Agriculture, Agriculture Analytics, and Information Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Predictive and Geospatial Analytics for Agriculture and Water Resources

Remote and proximal sensing applications

Attribution Science

Policy and Decision Making in Water Resources

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