Undergraduate Basic and Applied Research

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Carter, Joseph
Carter, Joe (Bs.  in Computer Sciences: 05/2020-now)

Software development intern 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Seibel, Abby (B.S. in Computer Sciences and Engineering: July 2020-Now)

Decision support systems for climate-resilient water and agricultural resources.

Shyaka, Mig (B.S. in Natural Resources: July 2020-Now)

Climate analytics and data sceince for climate-resilient infrastructure in Rwanda.

Garret Williams
Williams, Garret. (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 08/2019 to now)

Phenotype Predictability

USDA-NIFA funded Assistantship

Will graduate the Spring of 2022 

Pascal Ntaganda
Ntaganda, Pascal. (Bs. Natural Resources: 08/2019 to now)

Data Science and Hydroclimate Analytics

CUSP Fellow

Will graduate the Spring of 2021 

Alli Hauger
Hauger, Alli E. (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 11/2018 to 04/2019)

Analytics of groundwater management
Will graduate the spring of 2019 

Zimmer Carly
Zimmer, Carly E. (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 10/2016 to 12/2018)

Energy-Water Nexus: Water Quality

IANR Fellowship

Graduated the December, 2018 

Rico, Daniel A.
Rico, Daniel A. (Bs. Electrical Engineering: 09/2013-12/2017)

Software Development for Semi-seasonal Forecast of Water Availability

AMS-travel award, 2015; IANR, MacNair, and UCARE Fellowships

Now NSF Research Trainee in Resilience in Complex Landscapes at UNL's Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering 

Pamperin, Megan
Pamperin, Megan (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 08/2017 to 12/2017)

Statistical Predictability of Extreme Precipitation

Graduated in the summer 2019 

Woldstad, Patrick
Woldstad, Patrick (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 2016 to 2017)

Modeling Nitrogen Responses to Hydroclimatic Pulses

IANR fellowship.

Graduated in the summer 2017 

Now at Surface Water Management at City of Vancouver, WA

Lane, Merrett
Lane, Merrett (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 08/2016 to 04/2017)

Nexus Water-Energy: Hydropower generation

UCARE Fellowship. Graduated in the Fall 2019 

Now at JEO Consulting Group

Frischmeyer, Mitchell (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: Spring of 2017) Energy-Water Nexus: Wind scaling.

Tang, Wei (Bs. Natural Resources: 09/2015-05/2016) Mechanisms of Streamflow Generation in the Platte and the Sacramento River Basins
Lab Technician at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Lindsey Hollmann (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 2016) Engineering Water Availability and Quality Integration Based on Sensitivity of Nitrogen Levels to Fluctuating Hydroclimatological Events in the Platte River Basin
UCARE Fellowship.
Will graduate in the summer 2018

Maguire, Mitchel (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 09/2015-08/2016) Large-scale Parameterization of Irrigation
Graduate student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Qiu, Ling (Bs. Electrical Engineering: 09/2015-08/2016) Modes of Variability of Extreme Precipitation in the High Plains
Graduate Student at Clemson University.
Guzek, Paulina (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 09/2015-05/2016) Nexus Water-Food-Energy in Irrigation.
Will graduate in the summer of 2018

Grier, Devin (Bs. Biological Systems Engineering: 09/2015-08/2016) Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) sensor.
NASA Fellowship.
Will graduate the summer of 2018

Yun, Xiaoming (Natural Resources: 05/2015-10/2015) Hydrologic and Agricultural Drought in the San Joaquin River Basin. Graduate student Wagenigen University (The Netherlands).
Graduate student at Wageningen University, NL

Morton, Mallory (Bs. In Biological Systems Engineering: 09/2013-12/2014) Ecosystem's Resilience to Droughts and Floods in the Platte River Basin
Best student poster AMS 2015; NASA and UCARE Fellowship
Olson Associates (consultant).

Nancy Perez Morga (PhD in Geosciences: 2013)
Surface Hydrology of the Southern Mexico: Multi-scale Climate Interactions and Processes. Centro de Investigación y Educación Superior de Ensenada, May 2013. Ensenada, Baja California. Mexico. CONACYT Fellowship
Now faculty at Universidad Autónoma del Carmen, Mexico.

Antonio Rosales Antonio has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and is curretly studying a Master in Computer Engineer in UABC Mexico. Antonio is currently working with the automatization of the Forecast System and other models. Deploying the Water for Food Interoperability System (WaFIS) web JAVA part and its arquitecture.

Xyaoming Yun Senior in Environmental Restoration Science major. Right now working in the understanding of how tu use the VIC model and also making some efforts in learning about programming Python scripts.

Carlos Ancona Information Technologies Engineer but studying a Master in Computer Engineer in UABC Mexico. Carlos has expertise in mobile applications and web development, currently working with the OLAM model and make improvements in the automatization of Python scripts and other models. Deploying the Water for Food Interoperability System (WaFIS) mobile part and its architecture.