PKF - Scholarship Benefits

Scholarship Benefits


Tuition & Fees

Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy students will receive a full tuition and fees scholarship for four years and may receive funding for a fifth year, on a case-by-case basis.


Seminars & Coaching

Academy students will enroll in cohort-specific freshman and sophomore seminars. Beyond the classroom, scholars receive success coaching from dedicated program staff.


Learning Community

Students in the Academy will engage with their cohort in a learning community for four years, with a common living experience with at least two years in the program.


Housing & Meals

Students will receive housing and meals up to four years in a University Housing residence hall on campus in the designated learning community residence.



Scholars receive a $500 book stipend every semester toward their textbooks and supplies at the University Bookstore and a one-time $500 toward professional business attire.



Academy students will be supplied with a laptop equipped for engineering software at the start of their tenure in the program.