Scholarship Benefits


Tuition & Fees

Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy students will receive a full tuition and fees scholarship for four years and may receive funding for a fifth year, on a case-by-case basis. To learn more about what this scholarship covers, please visit FAQ page.


Seminars & Coaching

Academy students will enroll in cohort-specific freshman and sophomore seminars. Beyond the classroom, scholars receive success coaching from dedicated program staff. For more information, please visit FAQ page.


Scholar Community

Students in the Academy will engage with their cohort in a scholar community for four years, with a common living experience during the first two years in the program.


Housing & Meals

Students will be required to live on campus for their first two years in designated scholar learning community. The scholarship will cover their housing and meals up to four years in a University Housing residence hall on campus.



Scholars receive a $600 book stipend every semester toward their textbooks and supplies at the University Bookstore and $500 toward professional business attire.

Additionally, students can receive up to $5000 in a professional development stipend that can be used for opportunities such as conferences, education abroad, internship travel expenses, etc.



Academy students will receive a personal laptop equipped for engineering software at the start of their tenure in the program.