PKF - Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

General Scholarship Promotion

If you would like more information about the Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy (PKFEA) program to share with students or members of your organization, we are happy to send information about what PKFEA has to offer.
Contact: Maggie Miller

Tabling Session or Informational Session

Want to inform students about the PKFEA program? We can come to you to share information about PKFEA and the College of Engineering. We would love to set up a table and hand out information at an event or conference, or we can share one of our prepared presentations with a small or large group.
Contact: Maggie Miller

Mentoring Connection

If you or your company is interested in learning more about mentoring opportunities to support students in the PKFEA program, we’d love to connect with you and your company to establish positive mentoring experiences.
Contact: Scholar Programs Staff

Student Campus Visit

Interested in visiting Engineering on the City or Scott Campus? We can set up a special visit for you or a group of students!
  • For City Campus (UNL): The best way to set up an individual campus visit to UNL is through the Husker Weekday visits link found here. Then, email Maggie Miller to let her know your intended visit date and time, so our team know you’re interested in PKFEA. If you’re interested in bringing a group of students to campus to learn more about PKFEA and the College of Engineering, please contact Maggie Miller, to set up a date and time for your group to visit.
  • For Scott Campus (UNO): The best way to set up an individual interview or a group interview is through reaching out to Jana Burns or Maggie Miller.

Program Partner Visit

If you or your team would benefit from an in-person or Zoom meeting with the PKFEA team, we’d be happy to meet with you!
Contact: Scholar Programs Staff

Workshop Proposal

If you have an area of expertise that you want to share with PKFEA students, please reach out. Students will benefit from technical presentations as well as non-technical presentations, in topic areas such as diversity in the workplace, gender inclusion, time management or financial literacy.
Contact: Erin Omar

Engineering Ambassadors

The Engineering Ambassadors (EAs) are student leaders from the College of Engineering. They are trained extensively in communication and leadership skills, which they use for outreach to the K-12 community throughout Nebraska. Visits consist of interactive presentations on an engineering topic paired with hands-on activities and are delivered in a variety of fashions to learners in K-12 educational environments. They seek to share the impact of engineering on the health, happiness, and safety of our world, as well as inspire youth with the amazing opportunities engineering offers.
Contact: Engineering Ambassadors