Featured article in Physics of Fluids: Physics of Fluids Homepage

Stability Analysis of a Thin Film on a Rotating Cylinder with Low Airflow

Heather Newell represented the Viljoen lab at the 3rd Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference by Elsevier in Berlin, Germany (May 2018)

Recent publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials: Automated Expansion of Primary Human T Cells in Scalable and Cell-Friendly Hydrogel Microtubes for Adoptive Immunotherapy

Recent publication in Nature: Scalable Culturing of Primary Human Glioblastoma Tumor-Initiating Cells with a Cell-Friendly Culture System


Hendrik Viljoen - Advisor

Heather Newell - Graduate Research Assistant

Jack Rauch - Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. Yuguo Lei - Collaborator (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Dr. Anuradha Subramanian - Collaborator (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Dr. April Miller - Collaborator (United States Military Academy West Point)

Dr. Anne Grobler - Collaborator (North-West University)