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UNL Division of Chem-E Car AIChE's  annual Chem-E-Car Competition® engages college students in designing and constructing a car powered by a chemical energy source, that will safely carry a specified load over a given distance and stop.The competition, which involves multiple regional competitions and a final competition at the Annual Student conference, increases awareness of the chemical engineering discipline among the public, industry leaders, educators, and other students. Questions?

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Methylene Blue
Thermoelectric Generator

As part of AIChE's commitment to safety in industry and laboratory environments, student teams and their advisors will be asked to demonstrate a commitment to safety awareness, safety planning, and safe practices as a standard component of their participation. All teams are required to carefully read and review all Chem-E-Car Competition documents to fully understand the requirements to safely compete at an AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition.

All participants in the Chem-E-Car Competition® at the regional or national level must take and pass the test below. A list of eligible participants are listed below.


The two safety lectures below were coordinated by SAChE (Safety and Chemical Engineering Education) and the Chem-E-Car Competition® committee.


The test consists of 25 random multiple choice questions drawn from a question bank.  Once you have passed with an 80% or higher, your name will be added to a list at AIChE National which qualifies you to compete on your Chem-E-Car Competition® team.  If you fail the test, you are able to take it again.

Please be sure to include your full name and university when you access the test (e.g. Joseph A. Smith, State University) to ensure you receive credit.

If you have questions about taking the Chem-E-Car Competition® Safety Test, you can e-mail

New Rules 2016

1. Please make note of the following rule change for 2016: Beginning in 2016, all hydrogen used on the vehicles (for instance with fuel cells) must be generated on-site or on the vehicle keeping the pressure below 5 psig (0.345 bar). Filling of vessels from a compressed hydrogen gas cylinder or commercial hydrogen canisters will not be allowed. As always, appropriate safety precautions and safe operation must be demonstrated.

The following must be completed to compete in the 2016 Annual Student Conference Chem-E-Car Competition®


1)Everyone on the Chem-E-Car Team must complete the Chem-E-Car Safety Training and Test before your Regional Conference. Participants must complete the safety tests within the year that the competition takes place.

Chem-E-Car Competition ® Safety Training & Test

2) Make sure your Student Chapter Submits the Student Chapter Annual Report so that your team is eligible for the competition.  Deadline is July 1, 2016.  Full instructions are on the website here

3) Submit the $200 Registration Fee to AIChE Customer Service by July 31, 2016.  Email with questions.

4) Complete your team's EDP and submit via email by September 19, 2016 at midnight.  Please review full EDP instructions carefully. Below you will also find the Safety Checklist, JSA Form, Safety and Rules Verfication Form and Certifications Page which need to be included in your EDP. 

5) Create a video showcasing your Chem-E-Car team and car design.  Video needs to be uploaded to the folder by the Chem-E-Car team captain by October 3, 2016.  Please see below instructions.  Review carefully and pay special attention to the Youtube copyright policies.

6)  After the EDP Review is complete, a review form will be emailed to your Chem-E-Car Team Captain around October 14, 2016.  This review form will contain feedback and will alert your team if there is anything that violates a rule or safety rule.  Please read this review form and fix anything wrong with your vehicle prior to the competition.  You should use the MOC form to document the changes made.  Please do not email the updated EDP to the Chem-E-Car Committee or AIChE staff.  Each team only reviews 1 EDP review prior to competition day.  If you do not recieve an EDP Review form back, check with Sarah Ewing @

If a change must be made to your vehicle design, your must use the MOC Form: 

7) Ship your car and chemicals to the host University.  Instructions will be emailed to all team Captains in September 2016.  Please work with your University EHS department to make sure everything is shipped following DOT/ HAZ Materials Shipping laws and make sure everything is properly labeled.  All materials must be recieved by November 4, 2016 (1 week in advance of the competition). 

8) Print and bring paper copies of your EDP with you to the competition to be reviewed by the on site safety judges.  If you have made changes, be sure to include the MOC Form.  The On Site Safety inspection will take place Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 3:30PM.