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At the College of Engineering, we recognize that having an international perspective is imperative to being a well-rounded engineer. Spending time abroad and developing the ability to work and communicate effectively across cultures is one of the best things you can do to increase your marketability in a global job market.

As a student in engineering, construction or computing, an experience abroad will undoubtedly expand your perspective on the engineering profession and the world around you. University of Nebraska students are afforded many unique opportunities to globalize their engineering education. No matter what your goals are, there are education abroad options that will suit your academic, personal, and professional needs.

Education Abroad Updates

Huskers Abroad 101 Registration - Virtual sessions are held every week on Tuesday at 10:30am, Wednesday at 4:30pm, and Thursday at 2:00pm:
My advice for ENGR students who are looking to go abroad would be to try something different. Go out of your comfort zone and explore. Academically, I learned something that i would have not originally chosen (architectural engineering), so I got to see a different side of engineering disciplines.
Jaelle Studied abroad in Italy