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Group of students traveling abroad sitting on some ancient stone steps.
At the College of Engineering, we recognize that having an international perspective is imperative to being a well-rounded engineer. Spending time abroad and developing the ability to work and communicate effectively across cultures is one of the best things you can do to increase your marketability in a global job market.

As a student in engineering, construction or computing, an experience abroad will undoubtedly expand your perspective on the engineering profession and the world around you. University of Nebraska students are afforded many unique opportunities to globalize their engineering education. No matter what your goals are, there are education abroad options that will suit your academic, personal, and professional needs.

My advice for engineering students who are looking to go abroad would be to try something different. Go out of your comfort zone and explore. Academically, I learned something that I would have not originally chosen (architectural engineering), so I got to see a different side of engineering disciplines.

Studied abroad in Italy

Susie named Gilman Scholarship recipient

In 2021, School of Computing student Hadley Susie earned the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to support credit-bearing study abroad, internship abroad or virtual international opportunities.

While studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea, senior Kelsey Eihausen captured the cityscape from the park near the North Seoul Tower.

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Faculty-led Programs

Faculty Led Programs are short-term (typically 2-3 weeks) study abroad experiences led by COE professors. Students receive UNL credit for these experiences. Courses that are at least three credits satisfy the ACE 9 outcome requirement when taken with UGEP 250 (0 Credits).

Featured programs

Featured programs allow COE students to enroll in courses in engineering and related subjects that advance their matriculation while also allowing them to immerse themselves in another culture. These are approved programs through third-party study abroad organizations. Depending upon the program and major of the student, participants can take up to 400-level classes and transfer them back to UNL. Students can take classes at a foreign institution or at an academic center administered by the host organization during a semester, January term, or summer term. Students that enroll in at least three credits satisfy the ACE 9 outcome requirement when taken with UGEP 250 (0 Credits).

Seoul, South Korea at night.

Winter 2024 - South Korea Engineering Practices in Seoul

This is an 11-day in-person faculty-led education abroad program in Seoul, South Korea. Students will gain an understanding of how Korean engineers are trained, differences in approaches to problem-solving and communication, and research topics important to Korean universities. During the program, students will:

• Visit a variety of companies important to the Korean economy.
• Engage in a variety of cultural visits to important sites and museums to gain a better understanding of Korean culture and history.
• Gain an understanding of the design and production process for a variety of products.
• Interact with engineers and human resource managers to understand the role of engineers in the organization.
• Learn the organizational structure and the type of skills and qualities necessary for future engineers to be successful in the organization

Program Link: Click Here

Faculty: Professor Sangjin Ryu

Summer 2024 - Engineering in Brazil

This faculty-led program includes an 8-week spring 2024 virtual course followed by an in-person 18-day abroad component. Students will study the history of engineering and construction in Brazil. During the program, students will:

• Compare construction materials, means, and methods between the U.S. and Brazil.
• Tour local construction sites.
• Interview local project managers and superintendents.
• Visit Brazilian universities and interact with local students.

Program Link: Click Here

Faculty: Professor Emmeline Lemos Watson and Professor Matthew Barrows

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

Summer 2024 - Engineering in French Culture

This is a 14-day in-person faculty-led education abroad program to Montpellier, Rouen, and Paris. Students will learn French history and culture that have contributed to French scientific and engineering/technical achievements throughout history. Examples of the technology students will study include:

• Photography
• Film
• Ancient and modern structural building techniques and
• Health advancements (e.g., stethoscope, pasteurization, radiotherapy)

Program Link: Click Here

Faculty: Dr. Carl Nelson

Spring 2025 - Teamwork, Leadership, and Dynamic Programming in Jordan

This in-person, faculty-led education abroad program offers an in-depth study of dynamic programming, which culminates with a final programming contest. Students will also:

• Collaborate with peers from Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) in Jordan through shadowing and in-class interaction.
• Study abroad in a vibrant, modern culture that still maintains ties to its ancient history.
• Learn leadership theories, models, and behaviors in an international setting.
• Participate in local and regional excursions to sites such as the Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Roman Theatre.

Program Link: Click Here

Course Credit: ACE 9 credit can be earned through a combination of enrolling in and completing ENGR 490 (3 credits) and UGEP 250 (0 credits). Students must apply for UGEP 250 prior to their education abroad experience. Instructions are available at

Faculty: Dr. Tareq Daher

Dr. Tareq Daher and group smile for the camera in Jordan.
College of Engineering Featured Programs

Summer and Semester Full Curriculum at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy

Study abroad for a few weeks in the summer, or a whole semester, in one of the most popular study abroad destinations for students. Experience the food, culture, ancient history, and breathtaking sites Rome has to offer. Earn up to 6 credits (summer) or 16 credits (semester) during your education abroad. John Cabot University has a variety of classes, many of which can count towards major, minor, or elective requirements at UNL. Previously approved courses for COE majors include:

Program Link: Click Here

Course title abroadUNL Equivalent
Statics MECH 223
Mechanics of Materials MECH 325
Fluid Mechanics MECH 310
Microcontroller Programming ECEN 220
Calculus II MATH 107+108 (combo)
Linear Algebra MATH 314

Roman Colosseum
Nighttime photo of Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.
College of Engineering Featured Programs

Summer Engineering and Math in Prague, Czech Republic

Study abroad for 3-4 weeks in what is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Enroll in and complete a math course (3 credits) while complimenting your experience with an art history, international relations, or photography course. Previously approved courses for COE majors include:

Program Link: Click Here

Course title abroadUNL Equivalent
Linear Algebra MATH 314
Differential Equations MATH 221
Calculus III MATH 208

College of Engineering Featured Programs

Summer (or Semester) in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study abroad for a few weeks in the summer, or for a semester, in the most popular tourist destination in South America - Argentina. Argentina boasts staggering geography, a renowned arts community, and a growing economy - driven by an exciting mixture of cultures. Previously approved courses for COE majors include:

Program Link: Click Here

Course title abroadUNL Equivalent
Physics II PHYS 212
Thermal Physics PHYS 431
Discrete Math MATH 3XX
Differential Equations MATH 221
Thermodynamics MECH 200
Electrical Circuits ECEN 236
additional lab needed upon return
Dynamics MECH 373

Buenos Aires, Argentina skyline.
South Korean flag.
College of Engineering Featured Programs

Hanyang Summer School in Seoul, South Korea

Spend the summer studying at Hanyang University and take courses in engineering, science, business, Korean language, humanities and more. Located in the eastern part of South Korea's capital, the university's campus is easily accessible to the rest of the city. Although in an urban environment, the Hanyang campus is comparable, and offers similar amenities to most American campuses/universities. Previously approved courses for COE majors include:

Program Link: Click Here

Course title abroadUNL Equivalent
Fluid Mechanics MECH 310
Heat Transfer MECH 420
Impact of Electromagnetic Radiation TBD
Introduction to Computer Science CSCE 115A
Introduction to AI and Deep Learning Basics CSCE 479
Foundations on Data Science and Visualization CSCE 412
Introduction to Cybersecurity CSCE 463
Microprocessor and loT CSCE 438
C++ Programming TBD

College of Engineering Featured Programs

Lancaster University Semester Exchange Program

The reciprocal exchange program between UNL and Lancaster University (Lancaster, England) allows undergraduate students to spend a semester or academic year fully integrated with their British peers within Lancaster - student housing, regular classes, etc. Most majors offered at UNL are also available at Lancaster.

Program Link: Click Here

Aerial photo of Lancaster University campus.
Group of students pose for a photo at Hannover Science and Engineering in Germany.
College of Engineering Featured Programs

Hannover Summer Science and Engineering Projects Programs, Germany

The Leibniz University Hannover - Summer Science and Engineering Projects program allows UNL engineering and science majors to carry out research internships under the direction of local faculty members. Leibniz University Hannover is a member of the TU9, an association of the leading technical universities in Germany.

No knowledge of German is required for participation, as the program is conducted entirely in English. However, for those looking to develop their language skills, Hannover's dialect is considered especially learner friendly. Hannover is the capital of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and the political and cultural center of the region. Known as a "Green City" and "City of Short Distances," Hannover is a great home base for students to explore near and far in their free time.

Program Link: Click Here

Course Credit: Students will receive a certificate of completion, which is transferrable for 1 to 6 UNL credits. Students will work with a UNL transfer credit evaluator to determine the number credit they will receive for the research program.

Other programs to consider: