Student Involvement

Student Involvement

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The College of Engineering has a suite of programs and events for you to participate in throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the ideal engineering college experience by joining student organizations or competition teams. By becoming involved in engineering student organizations, you can:
  • Meet other engineering students with similar interests.
  • Participate in projects and experiences that will help lead you to your goals.
  • Develop and apply your leadership and technical skill sets.
Check out the links below for a complete list of College of Engineering (COE) events and organizations:

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Campus Events and Involvement

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UNL Student Involvement

Engineering Student Org Resources

eSAB SPF Process:

Registered Student Organizations with a current RSO representative on the eSAB board and having attended the Engineering Student Organization Leadership Conference can apply for a SPF up to $1000. The total fund for each semester is $12,000. Any leftover funds will rollover to the next semester. The SPF application is meant for an event that serves to benefit the organization, college, or community at large.

Examples are:

  • Travel costs to attend a conference/tour of industries
  • Parts/Tools/Materials for use in a competition/mini design project
  • Hosting of a Conference/Event that will benefit UNL/Engineering Students.

These are just examples, if you think your event will qualify for an SPF, please contact the eSAB treasurer at

The following must be turned in by the requested date to To streamline the process, we are asking for only email submission. Please email from an email account that is accessed frequently, in the case of questions concerning the application.

  • A detailed budget of the event in question, including expenses, and income. (This works best as an excel spreadsheet).
  • The attached application.
  • A completed 4 square chart. Please see the attached template/example.

The 4 square chart will be use as the presentation material during the presentations to the board on the scheduled date. The presentation order will be randomized and will be as follows:

  • Present 4 Square chart.(Soft limit to 6 minutes)
  • Questions from board members.(Soft Limit to 5 minutes)
  • Discussion by board members(Soft Limit to 4 minutes)

We will preload the presentations to the computer, however whoever is presenting needs to arrive 15 minutes early to go over the general rules, etc.

The Board will rate the SPF using a guideline rubric looking at Benefit to College, Budgetary Need, and Stage of Planning. Based on these ratings, a final score will be determined and a funding amount voted and approved by the board. There will be a one week grace period to protest any results. If no protests the funding amounts will be approved.

The funds will be provided through transfers. The organization's treasurer will handle all reimbursement through their SOFs account. When time for reimbursement, provide the eSAB treasurer with the receipts/invoices that show the expenses that sum to greater than or equal to the awarded amount. eSAB will transfer funds equal to the awarded amount to your SOFs account only.

So in review:

  • SPF up to $1000 per semester
  • application due by the requested date
  • email to the application
  • 4 square presentation
  • detailed event budget
  • Funds are awarded as transfer between SOFs account only.