Engineering Research Quarterly

Projects and Initiatives

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering faculty, staff, and students perform innovative research that reaches across the traditional disciplines to apply foundational knowledge to develop and understand the complex systems ranging from the human body to the built and natural environment. This research addresses problems that vex the world and have a grounding of impact on the people, places and institutions of the state of Nebraska. We study complex problems, develop foundational advances, and generate practical solutions to problems.

The following are our six areas of major interdisciplinary initiatives of focus.

Big Data and the Built Environment

Our engineers are developing new tools applying data analytics to better understand transportation systems, bridges, buildings, and manufacturing environments.

Biomedical Engineering

Our faculty and students work closely with medical practitioners to design advanced medical devices for diagnostics and repair of lost function, for less invasive surgery, and to understand how living systems interface with engineered systems.


Nebraska engineers apply multiple approaches to solve the energy issues of today. We are designing new materials to convert solar energy into usable power, we build new forms of batteries, and we design wind generation systems to utilize our natural resources.

Engineering in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture and the natural environment have a deep role in the state of Nebraska. At Nebraska, our engineering faculty are utilizing technologies to revolutionize agricultural practice through advanced mechanization, data analytics, and innovative processing technologies.

Materials and Manufacturing

We're designing new methods from nano and microscopic scales; materials and machine parts; biological products; and innovative concrete structures, bridges, and more comfortable buildings. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities go beyond other research facilities.

National defense and security

UNL Engineers are developing technologies and procedures to protect our nation’s security through development of sensors and devices, cybersecurity protocols, technology to protect people and facilities.

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