Architectural Engineering professor earns Early Career Award

Architectural Engineering professor earns Early Career Award

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Mahmoud "Moe" Alahmad, assistant professor of architectural engineering in The Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction, is one of six Early Career Award winners announced July 25 by ELECTRI International.

Alahmad will use the $10,000 award to implement his proposal, Integrating Industry into the Educational Setting to Promote Learning. 

He proposes conducting annual workshops where architectural engineering students who design electrical systems can connect with industry professionals who may implement those designs in future real-world construction projects.

Workshop benefits would include career connections for students, as well as opportunities for students to engage in practical installations of electrical systems via demonstrations, hands-on activities and construction site visits. In addition, the workshops should influence students' designs to better meet the needs of electrical construction industry professionals, and also introduce the contractors to the underlying fundamental design principles used by current students. The development of learning modules for other construction and training organizations could be another positive outcome.

"Most students who graduate from architectural engineering programs go on to design systems for the industry, without having had the opportunity to learn from the individuals who will actually be implementing their designs into construction projects," Alahmad said. "My project seeks to bridge that gap between designer and construction industry professional. It will not only give the students valuable insight, but it will keep the contractors apprised of the design process and the latest engineering trends."

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