Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineers design systems to improve our environment. They work on air pollution control, hazardous waste treatment, water supply issues, wastewater management, stormwater management, and solid waste disposal.

Geotechnical and Materials Engineering

Geotechnical and Materials Engineers work with soil that supports our infrastructure and the materials used to build it. They work with concrete, pavements, dams, foundation engineering, soil properties and perform site studies.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineers design concrete, steel, timber and masonry structures. They work with buildings, towers, columns, dams and bridges.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineers design roadways and other transportation systems. They work with airports, port facilities, traffic control, pavement markings and intelligent transportation systems.

Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineers design systems to best use our planet's water. They work with storm sewers, water resource planning, dams, irrigation systems, water distribution systems, and groundwater modeling.